Income Distribution for August 2022

Maybank Asset Management is pleased to announce the income distribution for August 2022 as follows:

Fund Name Net Income
(sen/cent per unit)
Composition of Distribution
% Income % Capital
Non Money Market Funds
Maybank Malaysia Income-I Fund (Maybank Dana Arif) - Class A (MYR) 0.50 100 0
Maybank Malaysia Income-I Fund (Maybank Dana Arif) - Class C (MYR) 0.40 100 0
Maybank Income Management-I Fund 1.50 100 0
Maybank Malaysia Ethical Dividend Fund (Maybank Ethical Trust Fund) 0.80 100 0
Maybank Shariah Institutional Income Fund 4.20 100 0
Maybank Asia Credit Income Fund - Class B (SGD H) 0.34 100 0
Money Market Funds
Maybank Shariah Enhanced Cash Fund 0.10 100 0
Maybank Dana Najiyah 0.12 100 0
Maybank Retail Money Market-I Fund 0.18 100 0


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