Maybank AM offers a wide range of portfolio management services, relating to investments in:

  • Equity
  • Fixed Income; and
  • Money Market

Investment Philosophy

All Maybank AM investment decisions made are grounded firmly in its 4 tenets:

  • Long Term Focus
  • Structure & Discipline
  • Active Management
  • Risk Management

This investment philosophy ensures that portfolio strategies are efficiently executed and properly monitored.

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Cash Management Solution

A successful corporation/institution will often need to manage excess cash in a smart and efficient way that enhances working capital while at the same time providing short-term liquidity funding.

Maybank AM provides cash management solutions which offer:

  • Efficient, convenient, flexible and accessible cash management to enhance working capital management;
  • Effective utilisation of company's funds at all time;
  • Management of daily cash flow requirements where surplus cash is automatically invested to generate a return; and
  • Return on short term funds which can be invested and easily withdrawn when required.

The benefits of our cash management solutions are:

  • Tax-exempted Income;
  • Liquidity & flexibility;
  • Regular & consistent income;
  • No sales charge;
  • No exit fees; and
  • Managed by experienced & licensed fund managers.

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Direct Mandates

Maybank AM understands the needs of investors and offers direct mandate services to investors who are interested in an investment portfolio custom-made to achieve their specific objectives and time lines. Our capabilities enable us to manage mandates in:

  • Equities;
  • Fixed Income;
  • Money Market; as well as
  • Mandates based on parameters set by the investor.

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