The Fund Seeks to Capture Growth and Income Opportunities from Global Dividend Stocks

Photo Caption: (From L-R: Ahmed Muzni Mohamed, Chief Executive Officer, Maybank Asset Management Sdn Bhd; Lim Eng Ping, Head, Private Wealth Malaysia, CFS-Group Wealth Management; Eunice Chan, Head, Retail Wealth Management and Segment, CFS Malaysia, CFS-Group Wealth Management; Supreet Bhan, Executive Director, Head Of Southeast Asia Funds, J.P. Morgan Asset Management Singapore; Syhiful Zamri, Chief Investment Officer, Maybank Asset Management Sdn Bhd)

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 12 July 2023 - Maybank Asset Management Sdn Bhd (“MAM”), fully owned by Maybank Asset Management Group ("MAMG"), in collaboration with J.P. Morgan Asset Management, one of the world’s leading investment managers with US$2.67trillion in assets under management, today launched the MAMG Global Dividend Fund (“the Fund”).

The Fund is a feeder fund that aims to achieve capital and income growth by investing in the JPMorgan Investment Funds - Global Dividend Fund (“the Target Fund”), managed by JPMorgan Asset Management (Europe). The Target Fund invests in quality global equities across the yield spectrum, from high dividend yield stocks, dividend growth stocks to steady compounders, which generates high and rising income while it also diversifies portfolio returns.

Ahmed Muzni Mohamed, MAM Chief Executive Officer, said, “The launch of our brand new all-weather fund called the MAMG Global Dividend Fund aims to deliver superior yet consistent dividend outcomes with attractive underlying opportunities for earnings growth over the long term.”

“With this value proposition, we hope that the fund will create a surge of interest among local investors; and believe that the Fund will benefit and give our investors a peace of mind to grow their investment portfolio,” he added.

Supreet Bhan, Head of Southeast Asia Funds, J.P. Morgan Asset Management, said, “We are pleased to partner with MAM to bring our global investment capabilities to investors in Malaysia. Having defensive and quality characteristics in portfolios is becoming important as we face looming recession risks and persistent high inflation. A strategy like this is positioned to navigate market volatility with classic dividend-paying sectors being able to weather downturns better. It is also worth noting that currently the valuations of high-dividend-paying equities are relatively attractive compared to lower yielding equities and active management is key in identifying such opportunities.”

Why Invest in MAMG Global Dividend Fund

The Fund seeks to deliver consistent income and potential capital growth from a portfolio of high quality global dividend stocks across the yield spectrum. The Fund will invest a minimum of 90 per cent of its net asset value in the Target Fund, suitable for investors who plan to invest for the medium to long term; and are willing to tolerate the risks associated with investing in the Target Fund.

The base currency of the Fund is in USD and is offered in five (5) currency classes, namely USD Class, MYR Class, MYR-Hedged Class, AUD-Hedged Class and SGD-Hedged Class. The minimum investment amount is USD1,000 for USD Class, RM1,000 for MYR and MYR-Hedged Class, AUD1,000 for AUD-Hedged Class and SGD1,000 for SGD-Hedged Class.

The MAMG Global Dividend Fund is available exclusively at Maybank branches nationwide. For more information, visit

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