(From L-R): Pang Kin Weng, Fund Manager, Multi-Asset, Schroders Investment Management (Singapore) Ltd; Chen Fan Fai, Head of Investment, Unit Trust, Maybank Asset Management Sdn Bhd; Susan Soh, Chief Executive Officer & Country Head, Schroder Investment Management (Singapore) Ltd; Ahmad Najib Nazlan, Chief Executive Officer, Maybank Asset Management Malaysia; Badrul Hisyam Abu Bakar, Chief Executive Officer, Maybank Asset Management Group


KUALA LUMPUR, 3 JULY 2019 – Maybank Asset Management Sdn Bhd (“MAM Malaysia”) announced today the launch of Maybank Global Mixed Assets-I Fund (“the Fund”), one of the first global Shariah mixed assets fund available in the Malaysia market which allows investors to tap on global investment opportunities through a diversified portfolio.
The Fund is a Shariah-compliant unit trust fund that offers investors 3 key benefits. First, it seeks to achieve a target return of 6% per annum* in USD terms, net of fees, over the medium to long term. Second, it seeks to defend against potential market downside through a dynamic asset allocation approach, allowing investors to grow their wealth in a steady manner. And third, the Fund’s ability to invest across markets and asset classes globally allows investors to access investment opportunities wherever they may be, available all in one fund for investors’ convenience.
In seeking to achieve its investment objective, the Fund invests in a portfolio of Shariah-compliant mixed assets such as global equities, global Sukuk, other diversifying assets and cash.
It is designed for investors who seek potential long-term growth and opportunities to invest in a diversified global portfolio of Shariah-compliant assets, willing to tolerate the risks associated with investing in global Shariah-compliant assets, and have a long term investment horizon.
Ahmad Najib Nazlan, Chief Executive Officer of MAM Malaysia, said, “The Fund’s flexible approach aims to avoid unfavourable market sectors based on our investment outlook. Whilst each asset class has its own benefits, the various individual components work together to give our investors the investment advantage.”
He added that, “With the Maybank Global Mixed Assets-I Fund, investors can benefit from a strategy that is potentially able to generate returns whilst defending against any potential market downturns.”
MAM Malaysia, with Schroder Investment Management (Singapore) Ltd (“Schroders”) as its Investment Adviser, will manage the Fund. Schroders will provide investment advice to MAM Malaysia on global asset allocation, global equity stock selection, forex and other Islamic diversifying assets relating to the Fund.
Investors can purchase units in the Fund at a minimum initial investment of RM1,000 or USD1,000 and make additional investments at a minimum amount of RM100 or USD100 respectively at any Maybank branches nationwide.
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