Suspension of Transactions (Subscription/Switch-In/Transfer-In) for Ex-Amanah Mutual Berhad Funds

Pursuant to the change of service agent exercise (from Maybank Asset Management Sdn Bhd (“MAM”) to Malayan Banking Berhad (“Maybank”)), MAM would like to inform that Subscription, Switch-In and Transfer-In transactions for the following funds as stated below will be suspended from 5th July 2023 until 18th August 2023 (both dates inclusive):

Redemption, Switch-Out and Transfer-Out transactions will remain status quo.

This temporary suspension is only applicable to the following funds subscribed via Maybank.

1 - Maybank Malaysia Income Fund (f.k.a. Maybank Income Trust Fund)
2 - Maybank Malaysia Balanced Fund (f.k.a. Maybank Balanced Trust Fund)
3 - Maybank Malaysia SmallCap Fund (f.k.a. Maybank SmallCap Trust Fund)
4 - Maybank Malaysia Dividend Fund (f.k.a. Maybank Dividend Trust Fund)
5 - Maybank Malaysia Value Fund (f.k.a. Maybank Value Trust Fund)
- Maybank Malaysia Value Fund C MYR
6 - Maybank Malaysia Ethical Dividend Fund (f.k.a. Maybank Ethical Trust Fund)
7 - Maybank Malaysia Growth Fund (f.k.a. Maybank Unit Trust Fund)
8 - Maybank Malaysia Income-I Fund ( f.k.a. Maybank Dana Arif Fund)
- Maybank Malaysia Income-I Fund C MYR
- Maybank Malaysia Income-I Fund C USD
9 - Maybank Malaysia Balanced-I Fund (f.k.a. Maybank Dana Ikhlas Fund)
10 - Maybank Malaysia Growth-I Fund ( f.k.a. Maybank Dana Yakin Fund)

This announcement is dated 3 July 2023.

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