Maybank Asset Management Launches AI-powered, Shariah-compliant Discretionary Portfolio Mandate with Arabesque AI


Photo caption: (From L-R: Ahmed Muzni Mohamed, Chief Executive Officer, Maybank Asset Management Sdn Bhd; Dr Hasnita Dato’ Hashim, Chairman of Maybank Asset Management Group; Omar Selim, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Arabesque Group; and Dato’ Mohamed Rafique Merican, Chief Executive Officer of Maybank Islamic Berhad)

KUALA LUMPUR, 1 NOVEMBER 2023 – Maybank Asset Management Sdn Bhd (“MAM Malaysia”) has launched a Shariah-compliant, AI-powered Hyper-Customised Discretionary Portfolio Mandate (“DPM”), setting a new standard in the Malaysian investing landscape.

This partnership between MAM Malaysia and Arabesque AI marks a significant leap forward for Shariah compliant investment solutions for Maybank Islamic Wealth Management’s High-Net-Worth investors in Malaysia.

The offering provides an AI-driven approach to Shariah-compliant investing, achieved through a strategic collaboration with Arabesque AI, a leading investment advisory and technology company. Arabesque AI combines proprietary AI-driven alpha assessment with market-leading ESG data to deliver personalised and values-driven portfolios, at scale.

Arabesque AI uses the computational power of AI to provide fully active asset management, calculating expected returns for at least 25,000 listed equities using both financial and non-financial datasets, offering investors an unparalleled level of data-driven insights.

This partnership empowers investors access to Arabesque AI's cutting-edge technology platform. The platform enables asset managers and investment professionals to craft hyper-customised Shariah compliant portfolios, personalising them to each investor's unique preferences and objectives at a faster speed, as well as portfolio monitoring and rebalancing.

Ahmed Muzni, Chief Executive Officer of MAM Malaysia, commented, "In the ever-evolving landscape of asset management, innovation continues to be a driving force behind the transformation of investment offerings. The launch of our hyper-customised DPM puts us in a prime position to deliver cutting-edge Shariah-compliant investment opportunities to investors.

“Investors increasingly seek tailored investment insights and strategies that reflect their goals and values. By leveraging Arabesque AI’s platform, investors can now incorporate these factors seamlessly into their portfolios," he added.

Omar Selim, CEO of Arabesque Group, commented “Arabesque's DNA is rooted in Islamic finance, and a decade ago, we set out with the vision to pioneer this space. Sustainable, responsible, and Islamic investment principles are all based on financial moderation and common sense. We firmly believe in the convergence of sustainability and technology as the driving force for a more sustainable future.

It's no longer sufficient for investments to yield returns; we must scrutinise how they're generated. Arabesque leads the sustainable finance revolution, leveraging AI, ESG data, and digital technology. In a world where investors prioritise societal impact and values, the true power of AI lies in crafting highly personalised portfolios down to the individual stock level. This values-driven shift reshapes finance for a more sustainable future. We are delighted to have pioneers like MAM Malaysia use our technology to deliver high-performing, customised portfolios aligned with individual values, forging a future where finance is both profitable and purposeful."

Dato’ Mohamed Rafique Merican, Chief Executive Officer of Maybank Islamic Berhad, said, "Maybank Islamic is committed to provide innovative and tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients in the realm of Islamic wealth management. The launch of this hyper-customised portfolios solution by MAM Malaysia underscores our unwavering intention to delivering Shariah-compliant investment options that align with our clients' financial objectives and guided by ethical principles. This new offering marks an important milestone for Islamic wealth management, where cutting-edge technology and ethical finance converge to provide our clients with unparalleled customisation and superior potential returns."

The Hyper-Customised DPM is exclusively available at Maybank branches nationwide. For more information, please contact Maybank Asset Management’s Client Services.

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