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  1 November 2023   Maybank Asset Management Launches AI-powered, Shariah-compliant Discretionary Portfolio Mandate with Arabesque AI  
  5 October 2023   AHB Declares Income Distribution of 5.0 sen for the full year 2023  
  12 July 2023   Maybank Asset Management and J.P. Morgan Asset Management Launched An “All-Weather” MAMG Global Dividend Fund  
  7 April 2023   AHB Declares 2.50 sen Interim Income Distribution for the Six-Months Ended 31 March 2023  
  14 March 2023   PHB and MAM Launches MyAHB Mobile Application  
  14 February 2023   Maybank Asset Management Launches New Decumulation Fund Offering Retiree Investors Peace Of Mind 

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