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  1 November 2021   The Edge Markets: Trends: Will you let robots pick your stocks? 
  26 October 2021   Islamic Finance News: Fund Focus - Maybank Asian Growth and Income - Islamic Fund 
  17 August 2021   The Malaysian Reserve: Maybank AM targets RM200m for newly launched fund  
  16 August 2021   Bernama: Maybank AM targets RM200mln from newly launched MAM-A.I Fund  
  16 August 2021   Business Today: Maybank Asset Management Combines Machine And Human Intelligence 
  16 August 2021   The Star: Maybank Asset aims to raise RM200mil for newly launched fund 
  24 May 2021   The Edge: Getting to know the new ESG Funds 
  22 February 2021   Reuters: EMERGING MARKETS-Asian bonds see outflows on U.S. yield spike; Philippine shares drop  


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